DVR Hub for Xbox – Q&A

Q: Why can’t I see any of my screenshots or video clips?

There can be several reasons. Since the app accesses the captures from Xbox Live, all captures need to be uploaded to Xbox Live from the console before the app can find them. The easiest way to check if your videos/screenshots were uploaded to is going to following link by replacing the gamer tag part in the end with your gamer tag.

If you cannot find your screenshot/video captures on using link above, please follow the steps below to update your profile settings.

1. In Xbox One console. Go to Preference ->Broadcast & capture, update the “Automatically upload” option accordingly.

2. Set “Game clip resolution” option to “1080p SDR” (XBOX stores 4K game clip to external storage only)

Additionally, your need to update your profile to allow public access to your captures(screenshot and videos); otherwise, the app won’t have permission to view your captures on Xbox Live. Here are the steps to update profile settings.

1. On PC/Mac, go to in your browser

2. Under Privacy section, select “Everyone” in “See your game clips(Xbox One Only)” option

3. Change to “Xbox One/Windows 10 Online Safety” tab at top, and select “Allow” in “Share game clips” and “Share outside of Xbox Live” options.

Q: Does the app store my Xbox/Microsoft account credential?

Never. You don’t need to provide your password when using the app. (No login is required.) The app search the public accessible capture content using the provided gamertag only.

Q: Does this work for Xbox 360?

Unfortunately, game capture (recording) is only supported on Xbox One, and there is nothing we can do about it.

Q :Cannot see my new recordings in the app?

Once recorded Xbox puts your recording into the upload queue, then uploads to XBOX Live.  However the recordings can be stuck in the upload queue for several reasons.

If you can’t see your latest recording in DVR HUB for XBOX, follow the steps below to check the upload queue.

1. Select [Capture] > [Manage captures]

2. Select [On Xbox Live], all uploaded recordings should appear here. If you can’t find your recording here, go to next steps.

3. Select [Upload queue], if you find any recordings here, you need to wait until finish. Then you can see these recording in DVR HUB for XBOX.

If you can’t find your latest recordings here, check next steps to find out if recordings are stuck in local Xbox.

4. Select [On this Xbox] then find the recordings you want to upload to Xbox Live. Select recording then trigger [upload to Xbox Live], Xbox will put the recording to upload queue.

If you can’t find your recording here, that means your capture is failed, and you will have to redo it again. 🙁

Any other questions? Please feel free to send us an email to, and we’d be glad to help.